Couple Met on Fortnite and Earns Thousands of Dollars With Their OnlyFans Job

Couple Met on Fortnite and Earns Thousands of Dollars With Their OnlyFans Job

On the surface, Erin Sangathan and Tyler Thompson appear to be just another young British couple. Tyler’s job is to put bricks, and Erin assists people.

When they first met, they played against one another in the popular video game Fortnite. But two years later, the adventurous couple from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, is now making up to £5,000 per month making X-rated content on OnlyFans, which has surprised them and their family.

They met on Fortnite, in keeping with Erin, nineteen years old. For the last two years and 4 months, they need been dating.

“We met through someone within the game,” adds Tyler, 22 years old. It’s strange to think that we would not have met if we hadn’t stumbled into one another within the lobby. After approximately a month, we met in the flesh and were accustomed to playing nightly.”

The couple switches from Fortnite to OnlyFans

After they hit it off, things suddenly turned, and started joking about making OnlyFans material together to supplement their monthly income.

While they initially intended to earn an additional £500 per month, they need already exceeded that objective and now make between £4,000 and £5,000.

“It’s been life-changing because we don’t need to fret about anything,” Thompson added, emphasizing how impressive their content creation skills are.

Tyler and Erin have been together for quite two years.

Despite earning a pleasant living, the couple intends to avoid wasting to accomplish their ultimate goal: happiness.

“Our objective is to be happy and have everything we’ve always desired,” Erin added. “We can be much more successful, which is precisely what we would like to try to to.” By the end of the year, we will quadruple our earnings.”

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