Sony, KDDI claim SA network slicing first


Sony and KDDI claimed a world first in using multiple network slices separately for one application running on a standalone (SA) 5G network, as they push initiatives to create new entertainment services.

They conducted a demonstration which confirmed a game application on a single device can concurrently use multiple network slices with different properties for image data and control data.

Sony and KDDI used a 5G core network from Ericsson and Xperia smartphones compatible with user equipment route selection policy (URSP), which is standardised in 3GPP.

In a joint statement, Sony and KDDI suggested URSP and customised network slices will allow for more reliable communication with low latency and video signals will be optimised to the wireless environment, enabling stable game play.

Using network slices in game streaming and video distribution will enable more stable services without being affected by the surrounding communication conditions, Sony and KDDI explained.

For these applications, it is expected communication with different characteristics will be required including high-speed transmission of video and other data, and low-latency transmission of control signals.

Sony and KDDI started evaluating technologies to create new entertainment services and business use cases based on SA in January 2021.

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