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If you’re a Comcast or Spectrum subscriber, you can soon expect your bill to increase if it hasn’t already.

Comcast will raise its broadcast TV and regional sports network fees — costs that are already considered “hidden fees.” In total, these various fees can add nearly $40/mo. to your bill, so it’s smart to keep a close eye on your account.

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In a letter to Sandown, NH, Comcast announced it would raise the broadcast TV fee from $24.95/mo. to $27.25/mo. and its regional sports network fee from $11.85/mo. to $12/mo. It is also reported that Taunton, Mass., will increase by over $7/mo.

Although price increases will vary by location, Comcast (parent company of Xfinity) attributes the hikes to “the cost of doing business…rising programming costs, most notably for broadcast TV and sports, continue to be the biggest factors driving price increases.”

Comcast internet-only subscribers will also see an increase in their bills by $3/mo. on all speed tiers. The Comcast cable modem rental fee will also jump from $14/mo. to $15/mo., you can avoid this price increase by buying your own internet equipment.

Spectrum is also implementing price increases for its internet plans. Each speed tier will increase by $5/mo., bringing its 300 Mbps plan up to $79.99/mo., its 500 Mbps plan up to $99.99/mo. and its Gig plan up to $119.99/mo.

Despite current price increases among various ISPs, the average cost of internet has actually gone down in recent years.

US Telecom’s Broadband Pricing Index report reflects a decrease in national average internet prices. From 2020 to 2021, the report states that the price of the most popular tier of broadband service has decreased by 7.5%. In its 2022 report, US Telecom reports the price of the most popular tier of broadband service has dropped 14.7% since 2021.

Even with past price trends suggesting otherwise, it is expected more price increases could occur in 2023 due to a lack of ISP subscriber growth. Both Comcast and Spectrum attribute this to macroeconomic trends, with Comcast specifically stating that a decrease in moving has led to its subscription decline. As these economic trends continue, be on the lookout for more price increases in the future.

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