Revealed – the top insurtech leaders of 2022


Revealed – the top insurtech leaders of 2022

ACORD, the global standards-setting body for the insurance industry, has announced its list of top insurtech leaders for 2022.

This year’s Top InsurTech Leaders List was developed in conjunction with Alchemy Crew, whose co-founder and CEO, Sabine VanderLinden, has herself been a frequent member of the list.

ACORD dedicated its 2022 Top InsurTech Leaders List to women leaders in the field. With a recent congressional report pointing out significant levels of gender disparity in the sector, ACORD said it was essential to recognise the contributions of women in insurance.

“As insurtech investors and customers become more discerning, tangible, near-term benefits have become more critical,” said Bill Pieroni, president and CEO of ACORD. “This group of leaders has demonstrated not only remarkable vision, but the ability to execute and turn that vision into results. They stand out as pioneers of transformation and key figures driving progress in the insurance technology community.”

In compiling the list, ACORD and Alchemy Crew focused on several key areas:


    • Sustainability and inclusivity: These leaders make the industry more accessible and equitable for both colleagues and potential customers, as well as reinterpreting traditional processes to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.


    • Global ecosystem builders: These leaders recognise that interconnected systems and global digitalisation are now vital for efficiency and growth. They also reach beyond the insurance space to glean lessons from new and diverse sources of expertise.


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ACORD’s Top Women InsurTech Leaders of 2022 are, in alphabetical order:

    • Iryna Chekanava, senior manager, innovation and partnerships, Lloyd’s Lab



    • Daphne Estevez, senior transformation leader, AIG



    • Laura Hollerich, managing director, EY


    • Dr. Renu Ann Joseph, founder and CEO, Luminant Analytics


    • Dr. Henna Karna, general manager, global industry solutions (insurance, reinsurance, risk management), Google


    • Paula Kaul-Green, chief digital strategy officer, Liberty Mutual Specialty


    • Jacqueline Legrand, co-founder and CEO, Maptycs


    • Esther Eva Prax, program director, InsurTech Hub Munich


    • Ruth Puente, COO, Bdeo


    • Sasha Sanyal, global insurance leader, industry solutions, Microsoft


    • Cecilia Sevillano, co-head of strategic partnerships EMEA, Swiss Re


    • Alexis Cierra Vaughn, senior director of agency marketing, Cowbell


More information about ACORD’s annual Top InsurTech Leaders list can be found on its website.

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