Singtel boss sees metaverse potential in smart industry


LIVE FROM MWL UNWRAPPED: Singtel consumer CEO Anna Yip (pictured) predicted a leading role for the metaverse in advancing operator efforts to deliver smart manufacturing, though offered an honest assessment of the current state of play in terms of network capabilities and staff skill levels.

Yip highlighted a freshly-signed pact with South Korean operator SK Telecom around the metaverse, explaining this could pave the way for a digital transformation of the manufacturing sector alongside more obvious consumer offerings.

A metaverse-enabled crossover between the real and virtual worlds could deliver manufacturing innovations spanning automated robots and even the planning of operations, Yip noted, adding there is also potential to employ it as a training ground for staff, teaching them how to use tools before embarking on work in the real world.

Singtel is in the “early stage of exploring that possibility” Yip explained, though highlighted the metaverse could fit well with existing smart manufacturing partnerships the operator has with Hyundai Motor Company and Micron Technology, among others.

Yip explained those partnerships were being enabled by Singtel’s deployment of standalone (SA) 5G as she argued the case for operator-backed rollouts.

The CEO noted enterprises could deploy their own 5G networks, which would involve them paying “for the spectrum” alongside investing in all elements of the infrastructure, including radio, transport and core equipment.

She emphasised operators including Singtel offered a swifter and more efficient means of deploying private 5G networks “customised for your need rather than owning everything” because the level of expertise, alone, is a significant factor.

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